KK1502We are specialized in the design and deployment of our client’s Innovation, Strategy and Enterpreneurial Skills. We have a passion for businesses based on (new) technology and highly complex challenges in markets and organization. Business Innovation & Enterpreneurship is a member of the BusinessNetworkCompany. This Network Company exist of highly qualified Partners specialized in Strategy & Innovation, Large Scale Business Transformation and Entrepreneurship Stimulation. We call our way of working: “Open Source”. This means that we can offer you the best possible team in our field of expertise including specialist from your own organization and own network. We focus on the key outcome and adapt the team, timing and costs when needed in direct collaboration with our client. We offer your people a unique experience in bringing the results needed and ensure that this way of working is embedded in your organization. We love to bring you in contact with our relations so you can hear experiences from first hand.

Starting your own business

Starting your own business is not just an option is needs to be the only option Starting up a new business is hard to do and even more difficult to be a successful new business. Why is it that many people starting of? What makes the difference between a Winner and a...

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It’s all about collaboration

Innovation Management: it’s all about collaboration Can Innovation be managed? What is it different from other business processes in your organization? Innovation is in essence looking for new insights in a different way how to adapt to new technologies or new market...

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Co-Creation: a new profession becomes mature In 2010 Capgemini Consulting together with several co-creation promoters, started the Co-Creation Association. ‘It aims to further develop and enrich the knowledge on co-creation, in order to boost the development and...

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Professional Experience

Koen has more than 25 years (international) experience as a Strategy & Innovation Consultant/Entrepreneur in different roles (thought leader, program manager, interim executive, entrepreneur and coach).

He started at AT&T in EMEA-Headquarters and worked for two university spin-off organizations until he started in 1999 working for Capgemini Consulting (Vice President Strategy & Innovation).

In 2013 he founded Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship, a network organization for all forms of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. His personal activities consist of supporting Start Ups, SMEs, Global Corporate Companies and Non for Profit Organizations to create or improve the entrepreneurial capability of your organization. He understands that success is a matter of a holistic and lean approach of vision, strategy, structure and people dynamics putting into action. In all his work he’s able to show your business value growth and will leave you with better entrepreneurial skills. Last but not least it’s fun to work with him.

Beside his experiences working for more than 100 SMEs, he has dealt with large (international) innovation engagements for corporate clients such as DSM, Philips, AT&T, URENCO, Dutch Railway, KLM-Air France, LEGO, 3M and Public (and Non for Profit) Organizations. .

Entrepreneurship always aims at the same: increasing skills to adapt to changes in order to create new business opportunities.

He sees Business Innovation as the creation, development and capturing of a unique added value that customers adopt. Business Innovation always has the same aim: greater returns for the business and its environment through innovation.

He is a formal member of several non-executive boards for innovative companies and non for profit organizations. He shares his vision, ideas, inspiration and experiences at congresses, guest lectures at universities and columns on the internet.


  • Strong ‘In-to-Action’ skills
  • Personal & Group dynamic skills
  • Strategy Analyse & Design
  • New Business Models
  • M&A, PMI, Incubators, Venturing, R&D effectiveness, New Product Development & Launch
  • Kick-starting new organizations and new businesses


  • University of Amsterdam: Design complex international organisations (Organisational Policies and Design) (NL) Master
  • MIT, Boston: Promoting Innovation of Technology & Organisation (US) Summer Course
  • HBS, Boston: Jumpstarting Innovation & New Ventures (US) Summer Course
  • APICS: Certified in Production and Inventory Management (US)